Online Free Courses offered at Open Education Consortium

Hundreds of educational institution are connected with an online web resource named as open education consortium. The main objective of open education consortium is organized the educational material from all the connected educational institutions and publish them on web page, so the user from everywhere can access that material easily.

Open educational consortium is a worldwide network associated with hundreds of universities/colleges and a quality web resource for the students who want to take courses online for free. The motive of the open education consortium is to provide free education to people at their door step. Open educational consortium is good educational resource not only for students but also for professionals who want to learn things about their job. Using open education consortium the researchers around the world can share ideas and new development in their field of interest. Faculty of the university can share material. The main benefit of the open education consortium is that everyone can access its material for every one for free. Click here to visit open education consortium.

The open education consortium is supported by the following.

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