Oil and Gas jobs in Qatar

Qatar's petrochemical industry is a thriving industry most people working in qatar find in emplayment in gas and petroleum sector. Dukhan and tas laffan industrial city Play a vital role in petrochemical industry and it has huge contribution in country's economy. Ras Laffan is the biggest natural gas deposit in the world. At Dukhan development of petroleum sector began it also has helped the country's economy. Dukhan is the center of on-shore petroleum production in qatar.

In the following passage you will find info about new job oppertunities in qatar
in petrochemical industry

There are a variety of job opportunities available in Qatar’s oil & gas industry and some common positions include:

Some of the jobs which were offered recently are as follows:

Drilling jobs in Qatar
Most of the companies which are involved in drilling usually require people for following roles

Civil engieering
Construction is a big industry in Qatar you will always find some projects going on whenever you move around in the country,
qatar's government strives to give its citizens the world's best infrastructure that's why this industry is thriving.
There are numerous oppertunities for civil engieers in qatar as there are
alot of construction porjects going on throughout the year
A civil engieer works as part of a team where he has to take care of all
the technical design and ensure that all designs are according to the requrement
and that they are executed according to the plane.

They usually require people for following posts:

Some of the jobs which were recently offered as follows:

Asset portfolio management oil and gas (Senior specialist)

Develop and monitor management tools for the asset portfolio and coordinate with other team members or
departments any recommendation aiming at aligning such portfolio with the Corporate and Business strategy and objectives.

Senior Specialist, Optemization economics Senior specialist Buissness developement economics Most companies recquire senior specialist bussinesss developement economics
Petrochemical chemist specialist