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We provide a free visa guide for all the countries but we focus especially on gulf countries. For Pakistanis, gulf countries are just like home country, they prefer to work in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. We provide study visa guidance for European countries, Australia and America and place ads for different gulf countries.

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Great News: Green Card will be issued by Saudi Arabia

Here is a great news for all the foreigners living in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Sultan said in an interview that our government will issue green card to the foreigners to live permanently in Saudi Arabia. This will be like American green card... Read More

Oil and Gas jobs in Qatar

Qatar's petrochemical industry is a thriving industry most people working in qatar find in emplayment in gas and petroleum sector. Dukhan and tas laffan industrial city Play a vital role in petrochemical industry and it has huge contribution in country's economy....... Read More

Great news for workers in Saudi Arabia

Great news for Employees working in Saudi Arab Jeddah monitoring desk, Saudi officials are going to introduce new scheme and rules for the employees or labor working in Saudi Arabia regarding any mishap, unwanted events like accidents during work. According to......... Read More

Canada Immigration

Canada plans to roll out a new “express entry” program starting from January 2015 in an effort to improve the process of selecting economic immigrants who want to come to Canada.The Canadian government has promised several benefits under the new program, however, there....... Read More

Austria Study Visa Guide

ou can apply for masters program in Austria if you have completed 16 years of education.A person can also apply for bachelors program bur for that fulfilling the language requirement is a must.Following are the examples of the kinds of education which makes you eligible...... Read More

UK Study Visa Guide

An overview ,a summary of requirements:You can apply for student visa to UK.If you are 16 or above.If you are offered a place on a course by an educational institute.If you can speak read and write English.If you can support yourself and pay fees of your course....... Read More

USA Study Visa Guide

There are five easy steps that you must follow to get USA Study Visa.Get an Admission The first step towards obtaining US Study Visa is to get an admission in an authorized educational Institute. It is important to describe here that getting an admission is a time........ Read More

Study Visa Guide for Norway

Norway is the only country that offers education free of cost for the students of other countries including our country Pakistan.Therefore it a golden opportunity for Pakistani students to continue their studies in Norway. You can secure admission........ Read More

Free Courses offered at khan Academy

The mission of the Khan academy is to provide free of cost education to any one everywhere. Students of all ages can consult their online free web resource to sharpen their skills.It is one of the best online resource because Khan Academy not only offer courses but also provide interactive..... Read More

Free Courses offered at GCF Learn Free

We live in the world of technology if we want to be successful in this world of 21st century, we have to learn all the essential skills to live life.To learn these skills GCF free is the best. The offer courses free of cost that are essential to live our daily life. Three are more than 750...... Read More

Free Courses offered at Online Education Database

Online education database is one of the best online web resource available where a user can find more than 10,000 online courses free of cost. There is no registration required visit the web page of online education database and start your learning process.Students from all ...... Read More

Free Courses offered at Annenbarg Learner

Annenberg learner is a multimedia resource which helps teachers to enhance their capabilities in their fields and help them improve their teaching methods. There are some courses intended for students as well but mainly these resources are intended for teachers.How Annenberg helps: ...... Read More

Online Free Courses offered at the Open University

The best online web resource for the under graduate students who want to take courses online for free is Open University, you just need an internet connection.There is no specific student of Open University people for all around the world study in Open University...... Read More