This is international English Language testing system. This test evaluates a person’s skills in English language. This test evaluates in all 4 areas of the language that is Reading, writing, listening and speaking. You are supposed to be good at grammar spellings and structures of sentences in English language.

People who usually take this test they need it for immigration, academic and work purposes.

The way test looks like:

It evaluates in all four areas of language:


An audio of 30 minutes is played and the next `10 minutes are for answering questions regarding the audio.


In this section of test participants are given 60 minutes in which they read a passage and answer the questions regarding the passage.


In this section you will have to write a short descriptive report based on data or visual information or response to a situation or problem in letter format or you might be asked to write an essay.


IN this section of test you are asked to provide personal information and you’d asked to read a topic and then speak on it using notes that you have prepared.

Time the test takes to complete:

Online registration:

You can register online. When you register you’d have to

  1. Select test location
  2. Give personal information
  3. Complete the form and arrange the payment.
How much does IELTS cost?

Cost for IELTS in 2015 is 151 pounds.

Payment can be done in following ways:

  1. Postal order
  2. Band transfer
  3. Credit card

How long does the test take:

IELTS takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes.